El próximo martes día 4 de julio, a las 12 horas en el aula B1S, Sumit Kumar Yadav del Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabab (India) impartirá la conferencia:

«Forefather distribution in Galton-Watson Processes with age dependant structure in population»

Abstract: In this talk we examine the structure of a variant of the Galton-Watson branching process with particular reference to the distribution of the number of forefathers of the individuals in the current generation. Forefathers in our case have been defined as all the individuals since zeroth generation who have contributed to the birth of the individual under consideration. Starting with a simplified model with the offspring distribution being Poisson but allowing the number of time periods that an individual can survive to vary within a limited range, we attempt to find the distribution of the number of forefathers using simulation. For the cases where an individual can survive for 2 or 3 time periods, exact expression for expected number of individuals having “k” forefathers has been derived. Some interesting insights and possible applications are discussed. In addition, some results on asymptotics have been derived and verified using simulation.