El próximo miércoles 3 de abril de 2019 a las 13:00 en el aula C3A del Edificio Carlos Benítez en Badajoz,  el Profesor George P. Yanev de la University of Texas Rio Grande Valley impartirá la conferencia con título «Necessary and sufficient conditions for (characterizations of) exponential probability distribution».


In probability theory and statistics, exponential distribution describes the times between events in a Poisson point process. The situations in which exponential distribution appears most naturally have, as an essential feature, random recurrences (often in time) of an event. These include, for example, experiments on radioactive decay, telephone call arrivals, and insurance mathematics.

Characterizations are particularly of interest when they shed light on the consequences of certain distributional assumptions and can be used in goodness-of-fit tests which, in turn, can lead to an acceptable model. We will present characterizations of exponential distribution based on ordered data (record values and order statistics). Part of the results in this talk appeared in the references below. ­­We will also discuss some open problems.