El próximo viernes 5 de abril de 2019 a las 12:00 en el aula C3A del Edificio Carlos Benítez en Badajoz,  el Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Extremadura Profesor Nikolay M. Yanev de la Bulgarian Academy of Sciences impartirá la conferencia con título «Mathematical Modeling in Cell Biology».


The lecture is dedicated to the selection of the author as DHC of the UE in the International Year of Mathematical Biology 2018. In fact the talk is focused on some basic principals of mathematical modeling and they are illustrated with some new mathematical ideas arising from cell proliferation modeling. Some classical stochastic models for isolated populations are considered and new generalizations are proposed which allow contacts and ináuence of the environments. The asymptotic behaviour of the populations is investigated and some conclusions are proposed. As an example, the generation of terminally differentiated oligodendrocytes (cells of central nervous system) by the progenitor cells (stem cells) is considered. We will try to explain the main ideas and results heuristically, so, to follow them no preliminary knowledge in the Biology or in the Mathematics is proposed