El viernes 4 de Octubre de 2019 a las 13:00 en el aula C3A del Edificio Carlos Benítez en Badajoz, el Profesor Zenghu Li de la School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China, que está de visita en nuestro Departamento,  impartirá la conferencia con  título:

«The approach of stochastic equations for large populations»

Abstract: Branching processes are mathematical models for population evolution. A discrete-state branching process can be constructed from integer-valued random variables by a recursive formula. A continuous-state branching process is the rescaling limit of the discrete-state processes and is often used to model large populations of small individuals. The sample paths of the continuous-state process cannot be constructed by a recursive formula because of the complexity of the time-space structures. To overcome the difficulty, the approach of stochastic equations has been developed in the past years. We shall explain the mathematical ideas and present some applications of the approach.