El lunes 3 de febrero de 2020 a las 12:30 en el aula C3A del Edificio Carlos Benítez en Badajoz, la Profesora Elena Yarovaya, del Department of Probability Theory en Lomonosov Moscow State University (Rusia), que está de visita en nuestro Departamento,  impartirá la conferencia con  título: «On conditions for a probability distribution to be uniquely determined by its moments».


We study the relationship between the well-known Carleman’s condition guaranteeing that a probability distribution is uniquely determined that a probability distribution is uniquely determined by its moments, and a recent, easily checkable condition on the rate of growth of the moments. We use asymptotic methods in theory of integrals and involve properties of
the Lambert W-function to show that the quadratic rate of growth of the ratios of consecutive moments, as a sufficient condition for uniqueness, is more restrictive than Carleman’s condition.
We derive a series of statements, one of them showing that Carleman’s condition does not imply Hardy’s condition, although the inverse implication is true. Related topics are also discussed.