September 22-23, 2017

Welcome to the Workshop on Topology and Inverse Spectral Problems 2017 website. This event will be held at the Departament of Mathematics (Universidad de Extremadura) in Badajoz (Spain) in September 22-23, 2017. This activity aims to promote scientific discussion and debate on recent trends, future perspectives on topology and geometric analysis in a wide sense.

The registration is free. Anyway, in order to reserve a proper lecture room, we will be grateful if people who want to attend to the workshop send an e-mail before September 10th to Teresa Arias-Marco < ariasmarco 'at' >.

Proposal for short talks and posters are welcome. Thus, if you are interesting in sharing with us your research you must also send a title and abstract before August 20th to Teresa Arias-Marco < ariasmarco 'at' >. The confirmation about the acceptance or not of the talk/poster will be given before September 1st.

This activity forms part of the network Red Española de Topología (RET).

The network Red Española de Análisis Geométrico (REAG) is also involved.Thus, members of the REAG interested on attending should write to < ljalias 'at' > to request travel and lodging grants.


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