José Enrique Chacón Durán

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Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Extremadura

Faculty of Science
Avenida de Elvas
06006 Badajoz

Phone : +34 927289300 Ext. 82548
Fax : +34 927257203
E-Mail : jechacon at unex dot es



Curriculum Vitae

José Enrique Chacón Durán, born in 1977 in Badajoz (Spain).
Degree in Mathematics (9.333/10), Universidad de Extremadura, 2000.
Degree in Statistics (8.985/10),  Universidad de Extremadura, 2002.                                                                           
Ph. D. in Mathematics (Statistics), Universidad de Extremadura, 2004.

Assistant professor at the Department of Statistics and OR of the Universidad de Valladolid. October 2003 – September 2005.

Temporary Lecturer at this department. October 2005 – May 2008.

Lecturer at this department. June 2008 – December 2011.

Associate Professor at this department. From December 2011.

Curriculum vitae in PDF format.


Research interests

Nonparametrc curve estimation.
Sufficiency and invariance.
Bootstrap methods.

Workshop on Nonparametric Statistics 2013


  • J.E. Chacón (2020). Explicit agreement extremes for a 2×2 table with given marginals. arXiv
  • J.E. Chacón (2019). A close-up comparison of the misclassification error distance and the adjusted Rand index for external clustering evaluation. arXiv
  • A. Baíllo and J.E. Chacón (2019). A new selection criterion for statistical home range estimation. arXiv
  • J.E. Chacón and A. Rodríguez-Casal (2007). Plug-in kernel choice for non-fixed-shape kernel density estimators.

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